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What wool and knitting mean to me. part 1

July 31, 2014

 I was asked “what does wool and knitting mean to you?” and of course I replied with a stream of memories, experiences, feelings and opinions. Now of course, three weeks later, how do I begin to put it all down in words?

Laura, Harvey Clare and me.

Laura, Harvey, Clare and me.

 I think that for me it all starts with family. I count myself very fortunate to have had my Grandma live with us for most of my childhood. I have two sisters and a brother and my Grandma played a very important part in our everyday lives. Long before I learnt to knit myself one of our favourite jobs was to hold the wool while she wound it into balls, we had to take it in turn of course, just as we had to take it in turn to sit on her knee or cut the sellotape when she was wrapping parcels.

 Even before that of course were all the knitted toys, baby clothes and dolls clothes that she knitted for us. I don’t remember her ever being without some knitting in her bag (or aniseed balls for that matter!) She passed her skills on to her daughters and so my Mum and Aunties are all amazing knitters. It was a part of our everyday life for there to be a knitting or sewing circle in our sitting room. 

 this is Auntie Anne teaching Poppy, my eldest, to knit in my Mum’s back garden.

Sadly my Grandma died when I was expecting my first baby so she didn’t get to see my Daughter or my passion for knitting grow. I am now passing that passion on to my three daughters and a larger “Williams’ Wools” family.

 My Mum lives in Yorkshire and I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like, but I know she is busy knitting baby clothes for a new addition to the family, her first  great grandchild, my first grandchild and my daughter’s first baby. My girls sit and knit with me and although we are not sat in the sitting room in Barnby Dun knitting with my Mum, we are in her heart and she knits each stitch with love.

 Wool and knitting is a part of my own personal history which begins and ends with family.

Great Grandma, new Mummy, Matilda and me, Brand New Grandma

Great Grandma, new Mummy, Matilda and me, Brand New Grandma


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